PBX Phone Systems

An overview of key features and benefits of different types of telephone systems.

Article By Colin Elms

Senior Technical Solutions Manager, Samsung Communications

Hosted, Cloud, On-premises and Virtual phone systems – what do these terms mean?

Why would you choose a Cloud-based or Hosted system instead of putting a system in your office?

This article intends to give you an understanding of the key differences between these methods of providing telephone systems so that you can easily find the best solution for your business.

Let’s first get an understanding of what is meant by these terms in regard to business telephony.

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Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Hosted PBX Systems can be either physical or virtual. They are usually located in a data center.


Virtual PBX Phone Systems

Virtual Phone Systems are contained within a virtual machine host. They require separate hardware to connect to regular telephone lines.


Cloud-Based PBX Phone Systems

Cloud PBX Systems are a type of phone system that typically serves many customers simultaneously via the internet. They are located off site and managed by a third party.


On-Premise PBX Phone Systems

On-Premise Phone Systems are located on the customer’s site. The customer retains full control over the system and can tailor it to meet their exact needs.


Comparison of PBX Phone Systems

Once you have an understanding of the similarities and differences between On-Premises, Hosted Cloud and Virtual telephony, it is time to look at how they compare to each other in regard to various customer requirements.

Samsung PBX Phone System Solutions


SCM Enterprise

The SCM Enterprise is a comprehensive unified communications solution optimised for medium to large enterprises.


SCM Compact

The SCM Compact is an all-in-one pure IP based communications solution designed to meet the needs of small to medium size businesses.


Samsung OfficeServ

The Samsung OfficeServ series provides a reliable and secure communications platform that supports traditional telephony and IP-based data communications.


Samsung VoIP Handsets

Samsung handsets deliver true business grade reliability and functionality with a range of flexible deployment options.

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